Service Fee Agreement

Michelle’s Travel Nook provides travel planning services for the fees listed below:


To begin work, a planning service fee payment of $50 is required. This fee is separate from the cost of your trip and is non-refundable. Once fee is paid in full, Michelle’s Travel Nook will begin planning and confirming travel arrangements as agreed.


Service Fee Structure: 

·         Initial Consultation Fee: $0

·        Planning Service Fee: $50

·         Domestic Air Ticketing Fee, per passenger: $25

·         International Air Ticketing Fee, per passenger: $50

·         Change Fee, per booking: $50

·         Cancellation Fee, per passenger: $50, in addition to possible supplier penalties

After our initial consultation, this service fee agreement and terms & conditions will be sent to you via email for your acceptance and approval. Both items must be agreed to and the $50 planning service fee paid in full for Michelle's Travel Nook to begin work on your travel needs.

Effective: August 1, 2023